Prospective Clients

At Landmark Sports, we have a strong track record of developing a blueprint for NBA Lottery Picks to maximize their position for the NBA Draft.

To peak a players performance at the NBA Pre-Draft Combine in Chicago, and for individual NBA team workouts, Landmark Sports works closely with our clients and their families to develop a very personalized and detailed “plan of attack.” Additionally, together with our clients and their families, Landmark puts a comprehensive training and nutrition program in place to accommodate each client’s needs and preferences.  We have a network of world-class weight coaches, basketball coaches and nutrition experts, that allow us to match a client up with a team of experts that the client feels perfectly comfortable to work with.

A few examples of the services Landmark Sports provides are:

At the same time our Draft prospect clients are performing their pre-draft training, Landmark Sports is leveraging our extensive and outstanding, close relationships with NBA Owners and General Managers to: